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What Services to Expect With General Dentistry

Depending on your dental problems, visiting a dentist near is very crucial. But before you visit one, it is essential that you have a little knowledge on what to expect from them. Are you wondering what kind of dental procedures you can take advantage from a general dentist? If you’re answer is yes, then this article is right for you.

When you go and visit a general dentist, there are five basic procedures that you can expect him to take. Below are the most common dental procedures that general dentistry covers.

– The first procedure is dental fillings. This kind of treatment is done in treating teeth with cavities or decay. This is also done for teeth with injury or have fractures. If you are complaining of toothache, the first thing that your dentist will do is check it for cracks and cavity. He carefully examines your tooth and conduct an X-ray. If filling is required after careful examination, then the dentist will fill it. There are different fillings to be used and it is all up to you to pick a choice. You can have the porcelain, silver, gold, or dental resin.

– The second procedure to expect from general dentistry is dental crown. This is done when teeth are badly damaged. If you don’t prefer extraction, then this one is the best option for you. This restores your teeth from severe decay or injury. This is even used in correcting cosmetic imperfections. In this procedure, you may need to visit two dentists since crowns are made in dental laboratories. However, there are also some dentists who can make it by themselves. In this case, you may get the crown in just one day.

– Another procedure is tooth extraction. When the decay has gone too far, then the dentist is left with no choice but to pull your tooth out. The dentist can remove your decayed wisdom tooth or any tooth that is causing you so much trouble and pain. After the extraction, you will sure find a great relief.

– Dental Implants is the fourth procedure that you can expect from general dentistry. This is the best choice to replace teeth. This procedure involves minor surgery when placing the implant to the jawbone of the patient. This can be a little complicated and take some time. Some may need few months for its completion. However, having an artificial teeth that looks like a real teeth is worth it.

– Finally, there is the braces. This is the fifth procedure that we’re going to talk about in this article. If your problem is that your teeth are positioned in a way that is not aesthetically pleasing or easy to maintain, then this is what you should take. This is also done when correcting bad bites causing it hard for you to talk to eat.

So, these are the different common dental procedures thay you can expect to get when visiting a general dentist. It is very important to understand that dentists are fully knowledgeable and skillful to perform all of these. With that, there is surely nothing to worry about. Are you experiencing toothache or any dental problems? Don’t hesitate to visit a general dentist now!

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